Monday, March 2, 2009

Julie exposed......shots and such

Welcome to our ADVENTURE! Follow our trip from the infamous and painful DTP shots to our wonderful stories when we return. I hope to have some "team" photos soon. We all feel chosen for this trip for many reasons and I want to share those with you.
First, I'm Julie McCombs. My first experience with Freedom Fellowship was of outreach. We were invited to a picnic at a park and we have all been in love with what Freedom stands for ever since. My husband Keith and I loved it when our sons, Hunter and Logan, asked if they could please come back to visit! We also have another son Jonah. Keith and I have grown so much these past few years....learning, repenting, trusting God, and learning his word. My challenge has been to get out of my safety zone and trust God to lead me where he wants me to be. He has taken me from a crazy and stressful work environment and given me the strength to start my own business. DONE. God had enough faith in me to make this change..who am I to not have faith in his decision? I now have more time with our sons. It has been a blessing to all of them. I have had to learn to utilize this time to teach them about God, witness while I do work, and learn his word. God has been nudging me to not be content. Like Cliff has said before...we are not going to get comfortable as a church! I thought...hmmm? Am I done? New business, more time with kids, more time to learn your word. But for what reason? Then Mark J. mentioned this trip. There it was. Lying so heavy on my soul. The opportunity to outreach, love, teach, pray with, laugh with, and share. He has worked on me so hard this past year. Starting April of '08. God help and lead me. So, here begins my personal Botswana.
Well my first entry in my own personal experience......THE DTP SHOT HURTS! I went for my first set of shots on Tuesday. Hep A, Hep B combo (1st one) DTP, and Typhoid (orally) 1 every other day for 7 days. My shoulder is still sore :)
Off to post office next for my passport.

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