Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun(d) Raisers

Several opportunities were discussed this weekend and I only got a chance to talk with Nanci about the Krispy Kreme donuts (I'm always for that!) opportunity. Robin from Freedom also mentioned a Gold fund raiser. Basically, you have a party and everyone brings old gold to sell and their gold is bought and they get cash. We get a certain percentage of every ounce sold and have an opportunity to get more from the buyer, etc. Lance Owens also mentioned the Pizza Inn gang wants to have a missions night for us and the Owens family (they are going to Costa Rica for a church building mission). I love me some pizza, so that would be great too. I will call the Krispy Kreme folks this week and discuss and hopefully bring a pre-order sheet to church next week so we can start working on that and I plan to follow up with Lance and Robin. If you hear of any more opportunities, let the group know.

I hope you have already started your passport work. If not, don't wait much longer. We need your passport numbers as soon as possible. Thanks!

See you soon!


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