Monday, March 16, 2009

First Meeting

Starbucks is always a great place to meet! At least those of us coffee drinkers think so! Mark J. answered lots of questions for Nancy, Michelle/Jason and myself.
Gold party is tenatively going to be set for March 29th. Confirmation and a flyer coming on that. I really think it is a great fundraiser because everyone leaves with $$$ and they each have an opportunity to match the % we get! How awesome! It also gives everyone the opportunity to get their friends, family, and coworkers involved in the mission trip and to outreach/witness some.
We are planning on some construction while we are in Botswana and also VBS activities. It will be awesome to be involved in VBS at our church and a few weeks later VBS at Old Naledi. Because several of the orphans are HIV positive, we are scheduling an HIV awareness/screening class to educate ourselves before we leave.
Also, the feedback that we are already getting from so many people about the blog is just awesome! I have already had people tell me how inspired they are by what we are doing! Never thought I could inspire anyone by my actions. God does have a purpose for each one of us as Donnie has mentioned the past 3 weeks. EACH ONE OF US!
As soon as Mr. Dorsey confirms a time/date for our first fundraiser I will post info and email out the pdf flyer to everyone. I encourage everyone to email it out to your friends and family!
I'm looking forward to our next meeting! See you then!

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