Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is Africa. We learned yesterday that we can never plan life and
that God is always in control. We set out for Khatsu game park very
early yesterday and TIA kicked in...
Random thoughts about the trip....

1. You never take a combi church van (Toyota van with very low
clearance) off the beaten path. Please know right now this was not our
idea and we went with Moruti James and Matada, we were not cowboying
it! We didn't find out until later that they had not seen this part
of Botswana before- they have family where the pavement ends, but have
little experience past that...

2. The beaten path can also include more dirt roads than most of can
imagine here. We drove for 2 hours after the pavement ended.

3. The Khalahari desert is a rough,rough place. But, people do call it
home and so do more donkeys than I have ever seen! That also appears
to be the preferred mode of transportation.

4. God wanted us to see and meet the bushmen. We did and they helped
us without hesitation. You would have to pick up a Natl Geographic to
see these images- most refuse to allow pictures. I never would imagine
a hut made out of old beer (cardboard milk cartons) cartons- African

5. The bushmen make a great bow and arrow set- not too sure what they
kill with it, but it's not a toy! Their bead necklace skills using
porcupine quills are also very exceptional. No "made in china"
stickers here.

6. China is here too, they are financing the road construction that we
went through.

7. When you rent a land rover from the game park, check the petro
level first!!! We made it to the first watering hole in the park about
the time we made the executive group decision that we didn't want to
spend the night in the bush with over 300 lions in the area. So, no
lions yesterday. We are all very thankful for that even if we wanted
to see them when we left!

8. That long dirt road gets even longer and more difficult when
pulling a broken-down church van. We towed it on dirt road for 2 1/2
hrs. Jason is now known as Mater (see Cars movie) for his driving and
towing skills. It took almost 6 hrs to get back to Old Naledi.

9. Gaborone never looked as good as it did at 0100 am last night when
we rolled (literally) into town.

10. Despite the circumstances of our adventure yesterday, it was an
advenutre and our team is much closer because of it.

We are starting late today (see above); but, should be working on
electricity for the church building and getting the water lines fixed
at the feeding station. Vandals broke in last Saturday and stole all
of the copper tubing for the gas and water, that is heartbreaking, but
we can fix it. God can make it right! Pray for the team to find extra
strength and endurance today.

I could write volumes about yesterday; but, not on a phone keyboard.
Know we are all good, tired, thankful beyond measure, excited,
challenged and ready for more TIA!!!!


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