Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today was a full work day. I think we made about 5 or 6 runs into town
for hardware and supplies. We restored the water lines and gas lines
for the feeding station- it took most of the day. The kids had a meal
but it was mostly corned beef from a can ( well, Nancy said that
wasn't like the corned beef we know and I agree) and a piece of bread.
We also got an electrical contractor to come out to the church- well,
we had to go get him with the van. We hope to have full power to the
church before we leave.

We also helped with Awanas tonight with Joel stepping up and leading
the bible story. We made almost 100 cross necklaces for the kids
before they went out into the setting sun. We have some much to be
thankful for with our kids' programs back home. Supplies seem optional

Tomorrow the team is going to work on the electricity and assist the
feeding station. Clay, Scott and Mark are going back out towards the
Khalahari to visit a remote village and look at the outreach programs
we are being lead to start there. Please pray that we have safe travel
and comfort. Pray for electricity at the church and for the library
work we are doing.
We send our thanks and hellos to all back home. We hope you like the
pictures, many more to follow.

In His Steps, Mareko

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  1. We LOVE to read all that is going on with our "missionaries" in Botswana. We pray for you daily - thanks for keeping us informed! Love to you all - Sherry, Emily, and Grace