Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dumela from Gaborone

We made it to Botswana safe and sound last night around 9pm local time. We all had a great sleep last night after a long day of travel. The trip was long; but, tolerable for everyone and no major problems after Clay and Scott from Alice Drive beat the door closed (long story and not a good one with Delta) on the flight to South Africa.

Today, Clay attended and spoke at a funeral for one of the elderly volunteers at the church while the rest of us slept in. Then after the funeral, we all climbed to the top of Kgale Hills. I can't decide if viewing the new church building was more spectular than the view from the top of Kgale-it's a close call! Both are true testaments to the power of God! We are heading back to the village soon for dinner with the church family and to walk the village. Tomorrow is going to be a great day as we celebrate the new church building and also the 10th anniversary of Naledi Baptist Fellowship. Hey, we saw two troops of baboons on Kgale Hill. That was cool!

Please know that we are so excited about what God is going to do through us this week here in Botswana. Please continue to pray for our endurance, strength, compassion and understanding. Pray for everyone in Old Naledi and all of Botswana!

In His Steps,
Mareko and the Freedom Fellowship and Alice Drive Teams!

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  1. Glad all sounds well! I can't wait to hear how it's going? Tell everyone we're praying---I pray God will touch many lives through this journey!